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Don’t be fooled - there’s nothing ‘green’ about it – it’s just the biggest consolidation of wealth, assets and power in history. Listen to this stunning interview, one of our best yet...

▶️ INTERVIEW – F. William Engdahl: How BlackRock Created the Global Energy Crisis
Hmmmmmmm. A timely warning to be careful whom you follow. 🤔

Spycops will infiltrate groups. Luckily you can usually spot them. They are the ones proposing "solutions" that aid the agenda of the parasite class. 🤨
Test workers compensation case has been successful, as reported by The Australia Project. This is a partial victory, IMO. Compensation for unlawful orders is expected. But...

It needs to be borne in mind that the outcome in this case does not turn upon whether the
Government’s Covid-19 response and vaccine mandate were reasonable. These were lawful
steps taken by the Government in response to a world-wide pandemic in which many people
who contracted Covid-19 died. The steps taken were designed to minimise illness and death
of members of the community, including to the school community made up of workers and

This is the crux of the issue and the incorrect assumption the court appears to be operating under i.e that the steps taken were lawful. They were not. On human rights grounds as clearly noted on the federal AGs website.

One cannot be forced to participate in medical experiments even in a "state of emergency".

Why are these cases not pursued on this basis? 🤔

- Janey ❤️
Tragic news from Qld this morning. Very strange. Not much detail. Keep an eye on this one folks, the war may have just stepped up a notch. Is this a false flag to implicate/discredit activists?

It is definitely time to delete that my gov account. 👀

Update on the shooting of Qld police officers this morning. It appears we may have been right with our initial assessment, this morning.

This is why we denounce violence and try and warn others about these probable agent provocateurs/spycops going around attempting to provoke violent reactions in various groups. If they can't get it, they'll make it up. 😉

Caveat emptor.
Forwarded from Dr. Sam Bailey Official (Sam Bailey)
Recently, the CSO of Medicinal Genomics, Kevin McKernan spoke to the Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics International group. He was challenged by journalist, Eric Coppolino, about the lack of evidence for SARS-CoV-2 and pathogenic viruses. McKernan made various claims that we believed needed to be addressed.

Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Mark Bailey join me to demystify the virological and biotechnological nonsense.

Watch the FULL video here.
What kind of coward deletes your post, posts a convoluted diatribe as a response and then blocks you so you can't respond? 🤔

Someone who is afraid of alternative views, and a bit of a control freak? Maybe someone who has something to feel a bit guilty about? Someone absolutely dishonest for sure. 🤨

Be very careful who you are following and who you are providing your personal information to.

- Janey ❤️
Anybody who has ever promoted violence against the police in their groups or allowed people to make provocative and inflammatory statements promoting violence toward the police; should be doing some very serious soul searching today.

As do those who support that view. Did two young officers deserve to die in such a horrendous manner?

Are you proud of your misguided and misdirected hate? 🤔

- Janey ❤️
Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)

"...Those who continually want to think there is someone out there who will “save us” from the evil of one country or another, choosing whichever one seems to work for them as “the enemy,” refuse to see just how centrally orchestrated all of this is.

I admit I did not make it through this entire article in one sitting and will have to go back and finish it later, but it does not surprise me one bit anymore to find out that those truly in control – the ones who in essence print the money, are unified in their goals.

All that infighting between nations is merely the same theater as Republicans and Democrats, Tories vs Labour, etc, etc, etc.

Multinational Corporations, Banks, whatever one wishes to call them, DO NOT have any loyalty at all to any one country or people. Their loyalty is to the money and control, period. They aren’t really even loyal to each other, so we do see a bit of infighting, but nothing that really changes their overall goal.

They’ll use any device they can to hide that from people, and most people don’t even require them to use too much complexity to hide it either as most just simply will not believe it can all be that centrally organized. Just point the masses to the enemy du jour and you can hide the true intent for generations ..."

At the heart of the vast majority of Australian police is a desire to serve the community. Regardless of what we see unfold from recent events, the loss of life of any officer or community member is tragic. Many aspects of our lives are divisive and unnecessarily burdened with the complexities of western society. All these things aside.. the harsh enforcement of PHOs, the instances of police brutality and so on, be mindful of the biased negative focus of the MSM. For every negative police encounter there are likely hundreds of positives that go unreported.

Do not succumb to division or negativity, treat your fellow Australians whatever their role, with compassion and respect.

Practice discernment and carry your light into the darkness. 🙏
Exactly what we have been saying. 🤦🏼‍♀️

That is why you keep your actions lawful. Effective and lawful. If you personally have been affected you can take legal action. Contact us if your not sure how still.

For your own safety, avoid people who can't see beyond violence. Who either because of immaturity, political naivity, or by design are playing right into the hands of the agenda. 🤨

Their way won't work anyway. Our real wins have been through the courts. Do not forget that. ❤️

Forwarded from Oracle Films
Now we see why mainstream media in the West were promoting China's recent protests...

"China is experiencing a wave of panic buying and stockpiling as residents prepare to face a winter wave of Covid amid a widespread relaxation of lockdown restrictions."

"And there are fears the Chinese health system will quickly be overwhelmed by a winter wave of Covid, as alarming videos circulating on social media showed patients receiving intravenous drips in their cars parked outside because fever clinics are overflowing.

Translation: Clearly the people can't be trusted with their own health decisions. This is what happens when the state takes its boot off of your face. And we want the West to know that.


Why can't people acknowledge we already have protection under human rights law? 🤔

Why is this constantly ignored by "leaders"? 🤷‍♀️

Something to think about, maybe. 🤨

Better start putting some pressure on your local politicians people, because all hell is about to break loose otherwise. Check the WEFs "predictions" for coming crises. They predict them so accurately because they are created by their member governments and corporations.