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Sam Bankman-Fried And The Pandemic Industrial Complex

We’ve been told not to question which policies billionaires choose to support, because it’s their money. But none of it was his money. It was all stolen.

We’ve been told it doesn’t matter whether the policies the billionaires supported actually worked, because their intentions were good. But here, SBF’s intentions had never been good. He donated the money solely for the purpose of glowing press to further his fraud.

We’ve been told the glowing press for billionaires who support these policies is justified, because the policies help the world. But these pandemics policies never helped the world. They created a man-made human and economic catastrophe, set back human rights by decades and decimated America’s global credibility.

From the earning of the money, to the donating of the money, to the positive press coverage, to the policies the process funded, at no point was there any good intent or positive outcome to any of it. The entire operation was pure, unadulterated evil.

No domestic legislation can override non-derogable human rights and this piece ignores the FACT there have been sucessful legal challenges globally based on human rights.

Emergency Use Authorisation does not mean a jab/treatment is NOT experimental. First Fuellmich, now James Roguski, determined to disuade people from legal challenges. 🤔

Start filing people. Lawyers can only act if someone brings a case to them. Or use your states civil administrative tribunal/human rights and/or anti discrimination commission. ❤️

Forwarded from Libertas UK
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Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley confirming on GB news that Net-Zero will lead to the social credit system: “If that means, actually, some of us are told, well you can't go on a plane, that's fine, that's part of the national plan”
This piece by Kit Knightly should make obvious just why we need to start litigating.... the lies just get worse and worse. This 💩 needs to be nipped in the bud. Stat. ❤️

Now they are falling back on the old Nazi trick of blaming the "unclean" for the woes caused elsewhere. That is dangerous. That is real hate speech. 👀🤨

Yes, apparently all those people suddenly dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes are being stressed into it by us anti-vaxxers warning them about heart attacks and strokes.

FNQ Citizens Collective pinned «Video uploaded to our Brighteon channel this week. 👀 * The Hard Truth About the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: SDG13 Climate Action|Open Voice Channel * WARNING! Are the Globalists Steering Us All Into a Trap, Including Those Awake To The Global Agenda?|Open…»
China: The World’s First Technate – Part 1

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote enthusiastically, through a paper-thin veil of caution, about how a “global scientific elite” could not only use extreme, all-pervasive propaganda, economic and political manipulation to determine the direction of society, but could also exploit technology and behavioural science to genetically alter and brainwash the population.

Describing the form of this society and the potential for technocratic control, he wrote:

Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.

He claimed that the “Technetronic Age” he described was inevitable. Therefore he asserted that the future of the United States (and the planet) must be centrally planned. These planners would eventually displace “the lawyer as the key social legislator and manipulator.”

As is so often the excuse, warning that others—he meant the Soviet Union—wouldn’t hesitate to embark on this dark social engineering path, this therefore necessitated the urgent need for US geopolitical strategists to develop this network of planners (technocracy) first. This would be done by fusing government with academia and private corporations (the G3P).

He stated that political parties would become increasingly irrelevant, replaced by regional structures pursuing “urban, professional, and other interests.” These could be used to “provide the focus for political action.” He understood the potential for this localised, technocratic administrative system:

In the technetronic age the greater availability of means permits the definition of more attainable ends, thus making for a less doctrinaire and a more effective relationship between ‘what is’ and ‘what ought to be.

He also suggested a redefinition of freedom. Liberty would be achieved through centrally planned public commitment to social and economic equality. The “public good” thus defined by the technocrats.

- Iain Davies

Apparently, if you want to follow Andrew Bogut on Insta you get this. 👀


Andrew is not only an awesome basketball player, but man of conscience too. Is this part of the reason?

This video is from his instagram account where he he revealed he had "been offered money to to put out a public service announcement".

Now we really are through the looking glass, Alice. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The protest was organized by ‘Raise the Roof’, a coalition of politicians, trade unions, and homelessness charities. The group is demanding that the Irish government build affordable homes, declare a “legal right to housing,” and strengthen tenants’ rights.

Politicians and trade unions are minions of the Dark Lords. The ILO (International Labour Organisation) is headed by ex-pat Aussie and corporate stooge, Sharan Burrows. NGOs rely on government for funding as of the last couple of decades can be guaranteed not to speak against government policy, unless they're told to.

Cue the development of Smart Cities Techno Prisons. 😉

If you are a parent, grandparent or a Welfare Worker it’s important for you to listen to this talk.

Taschi Talks 21- Child Information Sharing Scheme on your child’s “wellbeing”

Taschi unpacks Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) occurring at our children’s schools- SEL teaches children social skills and resilience, managing feelings etc. Parents need to be aware there is a new Child Information Sharing Scheme being unrolled in Victoria. This is different to child protection sharing of information where there are concerns about violence, neglect, sexual abuse etc.

This scheme allows for Information sharing between agencies to promote “wellbeing and Safety” of the child. The goal posts have moved- now there is data sharing between certain organisations on “wellbeing”. Alarmingly the definition of “wellbeing” is not defined. Either is children “at risk”.

This is different to Welfare - Child Wellbeing Unit- and this is broader then traditional child services. “Wellbeing” trumps privacy. The “Professional” determines what makes up “wellbeing” for the child and what needs to be shared. The “Professional” becomes extraordinarily powerful.

It’s about changing culture i.e. “Change a risk adverse culture” meaning you SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Consent is not required from anyone.

And thank you Taschi for mentioning that the Dept of Child Protection is recruiting overseas- because many ethical, compassionate and true advocates for families took the stance to not give into government/ corporate coercion regarding choices families should have a right to make for themselves.

Many of these services are now using an impact funding scheme (please see Taschi’s other videos- she unpacks this), however in short - wealthy corporates and individuals can make money off programs run for the “at risk” children and families. They’re making money off Aboriginal families- this is unpacked at 23 mins.

27 mins Taschi gets into the Transgender Law in Victoria where parents have no say over their child medically transitioning.

It’s all desperately disturbing and parents need to be aware of what is happening- welfare workers we need you- do not allow this to happen on your watch!
It isn't "green" and it certainly isn't natural. 👀

The Hard Truth About The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 2: Zero Hunger Sounds Fantastic, But When Researcher Kate Mason Digs A Little Deeper Into The UN's Plan To Feed The World She Finds Out That Our Food Systems Are Rapidly Being Transformed From Real Farm Grown Food To Synthetic & Lab Grown Food. Leaving No Place For Farmers & Growers.

Kate Explores Who The Investors Are That Plan To Run The Global Food Supply And Based On Their Track Record Asks Why In The World Would We Trust Them?

If you are just kicking back, enjoying a lazy Sunday you may want to check out these bonus James Corbett videos for your weekend leisure: 👀❤️

* CBDCs: Beyond the Basics | James Corbett
We all know that central bank digital currencies are bad news. But do you know the difference between retail and wholesale CBDCs? And do you know why the American Bankers Association is against the implementation of retail or intermediated CBDCs? Today James takes you beyond the basics and begins introducing you to the split circuit monetary system as we dive deeper down the programmable money rabbit hole.

* The CIA and the News Media 2.0 | James Corbett
By now, Corbett Reporteers know all about the CIA's infiltration of the news media, from Wisner's Wurlitzer and the CIA's global propaganda network to the Church Committee revelations and the CIA whistleblowers of the 1980s. We were told that the CIA stopped all that (which is a lie, of course). But do you know how the CIA is manipulating the media today? Join James on today's important edition of The Corbett Report podcast as he exposes the incredibly brazen trick behind The CIA and the News Media 2.0.

* Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink | James Corbett
This week on the New World Next Week: the UN is demanding $2 trillion a year to appease the weather gods; the nudge unit is busy nudging people toward carbon slavery; and LBRY loses its legal fight with the SEC.
FNQ Citizens Collective pinned «If you are just kicking back, enjoying a lazy Sunday you may want to check out these bonus James Corbett videos for your weekend leisure: 👀❤️ * CBDCs: Beyond the Basics | James Corbett We all know that central bank digital currencies are bad news. But…»
Pfizer’s CEO rapped by regulator for making ‘misleading’ statements about children’s vaccines

So... 🤔

A code of practice panel, convened by the PMCPA, found that Pfizer had breached the code in a number of different ways, including by misleading the public, making unsubstantiated claims, and by failing to present information in a factual and balanced way.


... the more serious findings - including that Pfizer had brought discredit to the industry, had encouraged irrational use of a medicine and had failed to maintain high standards - were overturned. PMCPA said the full case report will be published in the coming weeks.

Despite lies, lies and more lies apparently Pfizer has not brought discredit to the industry, encouraged irrational use of a medicine or failed to maintain high standards. I guess they missed the whistle blower reports about dodgy lab testing.

Personally, I have lost a lot of trust, not only in Pfizer but the pharmaceutical industry in general, and I'm not alone.

Pfizer lied. That is fraud and should invalidate any contracts Pfizer has with governments for supply of their experimental jabs. Should also nullify their indemnity. 😉

- Janey ❤️

The Australian Government Lied: Doctors are NOT covered by Government’s indemnity for Covid Injections

FYI, please see [above] my response to Australian federal health minister Mark Butler, on the subject of health practitioners’ medical indemnity insurance for Covid-19 jab administration, and health practitioners’ obligation to obtain ‘informed consent’.

This information has major implications for health practitioners administering Covid-19 jabs in Australia – they need to know they’re not covered by a specific government Covid-19 medical indemnity scheme, and that they’re obligated to obtain informed consent before every Covid-19 jab.

But I strongly suspect many health practitioners have failed to obtain ‘valid informed consent’ before the Covid jabs. How have things gone so terribly wrong?

How could they have gone so wrong? Like we keep saying, the Dark Lords don't have friends, only minions. Gates has made it clear how he feels about doctors.
Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
Voila! C’est ca!

Sylvia Shawcross

Oh for heavens sakes! It took awhile but I finally figured it out. They have discombobulated their desires into a substitute agenda because they can’t face what they really really want. They are saying they want us to eat bugs but the truth is, they want us to “be” the bugs.

They’re building us insectariums in the desert, experimenting on us with mRNA technology, herding us into buzzing flocks at protests, possibly spraying us with things in the skies and watching us as we scatter and gather.

They’re even trying to grow us in tanks to sit on…...

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