Warning to Queensland Business: Caveat Emptor!

By: Janey B.

The Queensland government has issued instructions to businesses, that from 17 December 2021 (amongst other things), they must ensure staff and patrons comply with Covid19 vaccine mandates.

However, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has said, though he hopes as many Australians as possible will have it, Covid vaccines are voluntary.

Asked whether the vaccine would be mandatory, Mr Morrison told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Wednesday morning that it needed to get to about 95 per cent of the population.
“I would expect it to be as mandatory as you can possibly make it,” the PM said.
“There are always exemptions for any vaccine on medical grounds but that should be the only basis.

However, he later backtracked on these comments, telling 2GB’s Jim Wilson that the vaccine wouldn’t be compulsory.
“There’s been a bit of an overreaction to any suggestion of this, there will be no compulsory vaccine,” he said on Wednesday afternoon.
“What we want to achieve is as much vaccination as we possibly can.”

(emphasis added)
Prime Minister Scott Morrison Credit: abc.com.au

To be fair to the Prime Minister, it is as mandatory as he can lawfully make it. He has shrewdly ensured the risk for any unlawful mandate policy is borne by state premiers, chief health/medical officers and any business or service (public or private), who coerce groups and/or individuals into taking these Covid vaccines.

Any coercion of staff or patrons by threat of economic sanction, or discrimination is unlawful, and tantamount to enabling human trials for experimental vaccines. This is always unlawful, even in a state of emergency, even in wartime; to contravene these inalienable or non-derogable human rights.

Absolute rights | Attorney-General’s Department

Anna De Buisseret explains Human Rights law

It is not hyperbole. These injections have only received provisional approval for their use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. They are still undergoing clinical trials. In the general population.

Last week, in the British Medical Journal, an industry whistleblower exposed improper practices carried out during initial testing of the Pfizer vaccines. Pfizer is caught out again! The TGA must revoke provisional approval immediately. How Pfizer is still allowed to operate given it’s criminal history is an appropriate question for our politicians and policy makers.

Mike Ryan recently interviewed Professor Dolores Cahill, an eminent immunologist, for Asia Pacific Today. Cahill warned that mRNA vaccine trials in the past had floundered at animal trials due to severe adverse events (most or all of test animals died), specifically Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

Some points of note from the interview:

  • no need for vaccines as there are other effective treatments available.
  • until 2020 zero mRNA vaccines had been approved, anywhere in the world.
  • (because) during safety studies subjects severe adverse effects in both animal and human trials causing ‘severe illness, harm and death”.
  • current mRNA vaccines are not approved, they have “emergency use authorisation”, they are all in clinical trials.
  • Not all adverse effects are immediate. Re-infection with a similar or same virus will result in more severe reactions including death because of ADE, the immune system attacks the host/body, aka cytokine storm, immune priming or immune super priming

The fallout of adverse events is such, medical professionals (among others) are refusing to be part of the experiment. A South Australian nurse, interviewed by reporters from channel 10 and 7, was unequivocal about the harms done by these injections. She urged the media to “tell the truth”.

Individuals and collectives are beginning to retaliate with legal action. Most notable is Belinda Hocroft’s case. Hocroft is a NSW police officer who was threatened with dismissal, due to government mandates to vaccinate by the NSW police force.

Senior Constable Belinda Hocroft, who is attached to the Dog and Mounted Police unit, has filed civil proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW against the health minister seeking a declaration that the government does not have the power to pass orders which essentially coerce people into being vaccinated.

Ms Hocroft’s legal team says the lawsuit, “specifically challenges the extent to which the Government may coerce its citizens to have themselves injected with a drug they object to taking, especially when there is a less intrusive alternative of having the unvaccinated citizens tested to ensure that they are not carrying the virus.”

David Koch interviews Josh Frydenberg for Sunrise

When David Koch interviewed Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg for Sunrise, he was unable to get the minister to commit to mandatory vaccines. It’s apparent from Frydenberg’s hedging, it isn’t a topic he wants to delve into too deeply publicly.

Former LNP, now Independent MP Craig Kelly has also affirmed these mandates are unlawful.

The advice from Craig and Tony is to simply self advocate, claim and uphold your Constitutional rights and Do Not Comply. Your employer or school principal might think the gov is forcing them but they are not, what is the Gov going to do if the principal says no? nothing as any vaccine mandate is unlawful, so they need to calm down too.

Hocroft’s case was “settled by mutual consent” i.e. the government paid her off. Clearly not a case they felt confident winning. Employers should note at this point, they have no indemnity from legal action. It would be prudent for employers considering risking implementing these mandates, to seek good legal advice first. Businesses already suffering hardship from government Covid policy, scarcely need that added financial burden.

Is it really in any businesses interest to turn away customers? Here in the north, no one would know we were in the middle of a “pandemic” if not for the constant (and nauseating) propaganda from the government and media. We need each other now more than ever if we are to navigate the course of the next few years successfully. It is not a time for segregation, suspicion or building “walls”; it is a time for building community.

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