Uniting for Freedom | Part One

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Here we all are, one year on from when we first heard about “the Coronavirus”, aka Covid19, or SarsCov2, and the elitist coup against humanity began. It is obvious to those who have been following this, that governments aligned closely with the US, are using it to wage war on civil liberties and generally abuse the citizens they are supposed to serve. This should not surprise. The infamous events of September 11, 2001 were also used exactly the same way.

Unfortunately for the dark lords, the US war on Syria exposed the France, the UK and US (FUKUS) as being major sponsors of al Qaeda/ISIS. Perhaps the most embarrassing moment for them, was when the White Helmets, an organization purportedly to be involved in civil defense operations and lauded by western governments and media alike, was spectacularly exposed by independent journalists Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett. Tulsi Gabbard, the then Democratic representative for Hawaii was moved to introduce a bill to stop the US funding terrorism. This was, of course defeated, but the lie was exposed for all to see.

The political theatre of the White Helmets culminated in a Netflix documentary about them actually winning an Oscar in 2017, demonstrating how politicians and the “entertainment” industry collude to manipulate public opinion.

So, a new boogeyman has emerged in the form of a virus; though it appears a year later, no one actually has a gold standard isolate of it, and the prize of 1.5 million euro lays unclaimed.

If, you don’t understand what it means to isolate a virus, Dr Sam Bailey offers an excellent explanation.

Predictably, governments aligned with the US and their cohorts, have used the alleged virus, to further attack the civil liberties of their citizens, while desperately attempting to censor the growing vocal opposition of experts and the community. Indeed, even Bill Gates, who, for some reason has become the font of all knowledge in the eyes of the old media, weighed in. Here is the exchange from an interview in February, with an obsequious Anderson Cooper.

Cooper: You are incredibly rational, and believe in science. We are now at an age where there is intense distrust of science, how does one battle that.

Gates: Well, we have to make the truth more interesting than the simplistic conspiracy.

Cooper: How do we do that?

Gates: There may be some need to slow down the crazy stuff. There is a need for innovation, to think about how you draw these lines… and particularly when you’re getting out, exposing to strangers something that might draw them into a series of falsehoods.

Gates and his clique of dark lords at the World Economic Forum know all about falsehood, as they and their minions in governments and media globally have lied, deceived and manipulated the public into believing a relatively mild condition for most, is deadly; and they should surrender their most basic liberties, in order to “fight” it.

In the past 12 months these machinations are slowly being exposed, as doctors, nurses and other experts have come forward to denounce the fraudulent PCR test, and the experimental gene jabs misrepresented to the public and medical profession as vaccines.

Recently, UK Column News featured an NHS whistleblower who revealed senior level complicity in genocidal policy in relation to the experimental jabs, which it should be remembered have never undergone animal trials. The humans who submit to them ARE the trials.

Some 13 months into, “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, and people globally have had enough. Demonstrations against corona fascism in all it’s forms are taking place, and last weekend saw a massive demonstration in London. Despite some politicians, and old media propagandists claim, dissenters are not “white supremacists”, but ordinary people from across the political and social spectrum, as Neil Clark reported recently for Sputnik.

Laurie, a university student and part-time DJ, had travelled from Bristol. Jon was a New Yorker who‘d been on anti-Vietnam war marches with his Dad in DC back in the 60s. There was Miguel and Russ, who had come from Essex with his Mum. There was Tara from south-west London. A group of very cheerful ladies had travelled together from Cwmbran in south Wales. Another DJ called Morgan, who I called ‘Morgan the Music’. I saw James and Dick Delingpole too, who have been absolutely heroic in the trenches these last 12 months. You really couldn’t have come across a more eclectic mix of people.

The march- rather like France’s Yellow Vest movement- transcended elite-encouraged divisions of ‘left’ and ‘right’.

Youngsters marched along with a 100-year-old man.  People of all colours, from all backgrounds,  protesting against lockdowns, against Vaccine Passports and for a return of normal life, which was snatched away from us in March 2020 on what we were told was a purely temporary basis- but which still hasn’t been returned.

This was on the back of a world wide protest in March. Predictably, the old media have either shunned these or written disparagingly about them. Oracle Films, however, produced this stunning documentary of events.

Humanity is saying #EnoughIsEnough. Humanity is rising up against the “Great Reset” agenda of the Cult of Davos.

On the legal front, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Ausschuss have been conducting interviews for months now with medical experts, whistleblowers, lawyers and others. Dr Fuellmich has lodged a “cease and desist” order against Christian Drosten whose fraudulent claims about PCR testing have enable the destruction of human rights globally under the guise of a “pandemic”. He has also lodged a defamation suit against the so-called “fact checkers” of Facebook and Youtube, on behalf of Dr Wolfgang Wodarg.

Co-ordinating with lawyers from around the world, lawsuits are being drafted and lodged in different jurisdictions against these crimes against humanity. Kevin Smith provides an excellent summary and analysis of the way forward.

Kevin writes:

He says that he is not religious but has come to believe that some people have perhaps a gift or ability to see things the majority can’t or won’t.  I guess he was suggesting something beyond researching events. Possibly more a superior perception of events, a spirituality, or a natural instinct well above the general human ability to perceive or rationalise things – which he feels is relevant to this and connecting with each other.

I feel there is a spiritual dimension there and I sense this with others fighting this and similar causes. Whether it is spiritual or there’s another explanation, I think the essence of what Reiner is saying is very true and will resonate with many people whether it’s opposing foreign wars or fighting against the war the global elites and their puppets have now unleashed on all humanity under the guise of Covid-19.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer asks Reiner if history would look back fondly on him and others who took part in this fight now.  Reiner replied “absolutely, of course”

A colleague mentioned it reminded her of the epic battle in Stephen King’s apocalyptic “The Stand”, the forces of the light and the dark facing off for the soul of all humanity. There are a few analogous examples in pop culture, including; Doctor Who vs the Daleks, and the Jedi vs the Empire, and the people of Middle Earth vs the Dark Lord Sauron and his minions.

I think that all life seeks the best path to contiuation of life, in the best conditions for survival, all life does this. I think that power, whatever one concieves it to be, will overwhelm the dark forces threatening us all now. Their way, only benefits them, the obscenely wealthy, sociopathic eugenicists – they are not conducive to optimal living conditions, they are the virus, the abomination that will be put right soon.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

~ Sir Issac Newton

In part two, we will look at possible ways we can all add our energy to the Pushback.

EnoughIsEnough #RiseUp

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