The Trial of the Century | The People’s Court

By: Janey B

Trial of the Century – Coming Soon

In a recent interview with Jesper Johansson of Perspektiv, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich revealed the mechanism for bringing the criminals who have perpetuated egregious crimes against all of us, to justice. Styled on a United States Grand Jury investigation, Fuellmich and his team wanted to be sure to have the appropriate legal strategy to “catch everyone involved in this”. The answer is in the concept of “Common Design”.

The Nuremberg Trials utilized the charge of “Common Design” or ” Common Plan” or conspiracy. This meant “the defendants were responsible for all actions committed by anyone carrying out the plan.

The announcement came just days after Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-Chief Science Officer at Pfizer, presented damning evidence that batches/lots of these experimental treatments are inconsistently formulated from lot to lot, with the most dangerous formulations being more widely distributed across the United States.

It is the conclusion of Yeadon and his colleagues, and also the legal team on the Corona Investigative Committee that “[pharma companies] are experimenting with lethal dosages, trying to find out how best to kill us.”

Fuellmich states “all these factors combined result in what Klaus Schwab calls ‘malicious infliction of harm'”, and “no one is going to escape. All are going to be indicted. You’re all going to have to pay damage because there is no immunity if you come to the conclusion that we have, intentional, intentional, malicious infliction of harm”.

The perpetrators have been able to commit this extreme act of violence against the global population by claiming as “scientific fact”, 3 deceitful “big lies”, unchallenged by corporate media, senior public servants, and members of parliament globally.

  1. Asymptomatic transmission: there is no asymptomatic transmission. This is a lie created by Prof. Christian Drosten (who is not a professor.)
  2. PCR testing regime: The test incapable of testing for anything. A DNA replicator, not a diagnostic test – guaranteed to produce false positives, and of course, “cases”.
  3. Safe and effective vaccines: These injections are neither safe, nor effective, and do not immunise the injected. (They are also still under emergency use not having concluded human trials.)

Fuellmich explained Mike Yeadon said at his latest appearance at the Corona Investigative Committee, that there is a law in the United States against “adulterated product”, and everyone involved is found liable.

Earlier this month, the CEO of an insurance company in Indiana revealed that new figures indicate that over the span of the past year, excess mortality has risen to 40% because of government inflicted measures including lockdowns and “vaccinations”.

According to Fuellmich, the rationale of the trial is to get as many people as possible to hear the evidence and legal analysis so they understand, “they have not only a right to resist, but a duty to resist. They have to defend themselves; they have to stand up.”