At the Gates of Berlin

Fellow people of the world, residents of Great Britain.

Victory is at hand, yet the final battle still needs to be won.

We are now, WW2 metaphorically speaking, at the gates of Berlin. We can see the Reichstag’s dome in the distance.

In this last stretch, we need to pool together and put pressure on all the healthcare workers to put pressure on their healthcare structures to stop the injections.

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Dr. Michael Yeadon: NO ONE Has Primacy Over Your Right to Bodily Autonomy

As in Germany, discrimination here is the thing, sorting people into Good & Bad categories. This ready adaptation to living in a world of ghastly wrongness is disturbing. But it’s the absence of responses to truly awful things, such as people being dragged away, the tops of their shoes bouncing off the cobbles, it all being “Fur Seine Sicherheit” (for your safety), that gave rise to the expression, “The banality of evil”.

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Covid Fraud: Managing Human Obsolescence

As it turns out, the WEF are also self appointed experts on health and believe they should be driving the response to Covid, along with WEF partners, GAVI and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Disturbingly, given the compliance we have seen by member governments, it seems they are.

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