Speak Your Mind – Even If Your Voice Shakes

“Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind – even if your voice shakes. When you least expect it, someone may actually listen to what you have to say. Well-aimed slingshots can topple giants.”

This post first appeared on The Jennifer Arcuri Channel (TG) titled “My Husband’s Post”.


A lot of times you hear me bang on about the importance of speaking.

Sometimes speaking out backfires and initially you feel foolish for taking the step forward. The backlash from family can really take its toll. I get it. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not pleasant.

This is a process everyone.

I say this now nearly daily: we need tipping point.

We NEED you to speak.

However hard it is.

So if you’re feeling uncertain and need a bit of bravery…. This is your comfort thread.

This is where you are reminded that we all are together here battling for good. And we have each other’s back.

Speak and share here so we can support each other across all platforms.

It starts with a few and grows.

My husband, Matthew Matthew Hubby , doesn’t always speak and prefers privacy over anything.

I am very proud of him for speaking out – I know how hard it is for everyone to make that initial post, first call or making time to hand out flyers to reach people.

So here’s some inspiration from my Husband Matthew:

If you post anything critical of the government or question the narratives today, they flag the posts as misinformation. Social media companies aren’t giving you these platforms for free, you’re the product. The only views that are permitted on these platforms are those which follow ideologies that exploit your desires to be “good” humans and undermine your ability to think freely.

All of the platforms, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter profit from your engagement whilst shaping your world view to one that is more easily controlled. They further the ambitions of authoritarian states like Russia or China in western democracies and remove any opposing views to debates, disrupting our ability to participate in an open democracy. They want to take your freedom and liberty promoting only those agendas which keep you compliant and remove the voices of those who would dare to question the narratives presented.

Reject their narrative and refuse to comply with their demands. Machines shouldn’t speak for humanity. The system built around you is one of control and coercion. Wake up to the evil being broadcast to you through your television screen. The rules they are making are only applied to you, government pawns and the tyrants who control them did not comply to those rules – so ask yourself, why should you?

They lied to you about the masks.

They lied to you about the vaccines.

They’ve lied to us all for almost 2 years and yet many still continue to accept these lies.

Emails from the vaccine clinical trials leaked, I’ve read them, they knew in the summer of 2020 that it would require multiple jabs and constant boosters, that they couldn’t possibly provide long-lasting immunity. They chose to keep this information from us and to coerce you into complying with their demands – for the good of yourself and others they said.

The goal has always been to keep us living in fear and the more fearful we became, the easier it was to remove our rights.

They’ve taken your right to protest.

They took your right to freedom of assembly.

They bought in new powers to question you on the streets and to prevent you from travelling freely, unless of course if you comply.

They convinced you to stay in your homes, loose our jobs and shut down our businesses, taught us to be fearful of one another.

They convinced you that body autonomy and health is a matter for the state to decide.

They hid information on adverse reactions to the vaccine.

They further manufactured a crisis in our hospitals by hiding the true number of available beds from their systems to convince you to believe that what they presented to you in news and on television was truth.

They didn’t pay you with stimulus cheques and hand outs for any other reason than to keep you complying.

Your freedoms won’t be restored for doing as you’re told, some might return as their narratives begin failing them, a token gesture to keep you complacent to the crimes they’ve committed against us.

Sooner or later we must all fight for our freedoms again.