Pfizer: A License to Kill

by Janey B.

Pharmaceutical monolith, Pfizer is again causing concern after a whistleblower revealed negligent practices at Ventavia, a company contracted to carry out research for Pfizer’s Covid19 Vaccine trials.

On 2 November, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a stunning expose of whistleblower (from a former regional director) allegations pertaining to the vaccine trials, including:

  • Falsified reports
  • “Unblinded” patients.
  • Poor laboratory management
  • Patient safety concerns
  • Data integrity issues
  • Protocol deviations not being reported
  • Vaccines not being stored at proper temperatures
  • Mislabelled laboratory specimens
  • Targeting of Ventavia staff for reporting these types of problems.

On its website Ventavia calls itself the largest privately owned clinical research company in Texas and lists many awards it has won for its contract work.2 But Jackson has told The BMJ that, during the two weeks she was employed at Ventavia in September 2020, she repeatedly informed her superiors of poor laboratory management, patient safety concerns, and data integrity issues. Jackson was a trained clinical trial auditor who previously held a director of operations position and came to Ventavia with more than 15 years’ experience in clinical research coordination and management. Exasperated that Ventavia was not dealing with the problems, Jackson documented several matters late one night, taking photos on her mobile phone. One photo, provided to The BMJ, showed needles discarded in a plastic biohazard bag instead of a sharps container box. Another showed vaccine packaging materials with trial participants’ identification numbers written on them left out in the open, potentially unblinding participants. Ventavia executives later questioned Jackson for taking the photos.

The employee reported this evidence (via email) to the FDA, and was fired from her position at Ventavia “later the same day”.

The BMJ also reports that, “Since Jackson reported problems with Ventavia to the FDA in September 2020, Pfizer has hired Ventavia as a research subcontractor on four other vaccine clinical trials…”

Why have TGA not withdrawn the provisional approval for this vaccine? Credit: Reuters

Pfizer, is already a serial offender of unethical and/or blatantly illegal practices, and the fines incurred have not deterred or rehabilitated their behaviour.

Pfizer’s dirty politics and in our opinion mafia-like activity in the Nigeria scandal, reminding us of Monsanto’s sleazy schemes, goes beyond the dangers of an experimental antibiotic. Wikileaks made available State Department cables showing that Pfizer had hired spies to dig up dirt to frame a former Nigerian attorney general in order to get the lawsuit dropped. It also tried to shift the blame of the scandal on Doctors Without Borders by making a false claim that the non-profit charitable group was responsible for dispensing the antibiotic…

… Pfizer’s track record for fines and lawsuits for violation of its drug safety profiles and ethical marketing are equally damning. In 2009, it was fined $2.3 billion for what was then the largest healthcare felony settlement in US pharmaceutical history for illegally promoting its drugs, including its painkiller Bextra. $1.2 billion was just for the criminal fine; at the time, this was the largest ever imposed in the US for any issue. In 2011, it was found guilty of racketeering charges for illegally marketing its anticonvulsant drug Neurontin and paid $142 million. Three years later Pfizer was fined $430 million to settle criminal charges for bribing doctors to promote and prescribe the same drug.

Despite deceitful deception by some stakeholders who claim the experimental jab is both “approved and safe”, this treatment only has “provisional” approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


This has led some, such as channel 7 personality, David Koch to make incongruous analogies e.g comparing the experimental jab to the smallpox vaccine. He and other Covid19 zealots are ignorant or actively deceiving the public on this point. The smallpox vaccine is not “experimental”, and has been widely used (by choice) for decades. It is not being illegally mandated on a global basis, and does prevent infection from smallpox.

Further, this experimental treatment can only be considered “safe” if the qualified opinions of experts such as Dr. Michael Yeadon, Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and others is ignored. Has the opinions of these experts been considered by the TGA, government ministers, departments and corporate media promoting these jabs as safe? Are they prepared to accept personal liability for any harm caused by these experimental treatments?

Any cost to be borne, will be borne by the ever suffering taxpayer, not the companies or shareholders benefiting by coercing billions of people globally into being injected.


How can the TGA possibly stand by it’s decision to provisionally approve these injections in light of these whistleblower revelations?

Why should Australians consent to be part of a global human experimental vaccine trial, conducted by arguably the most criminal organisation on the planet? The federal government know that what they are attempting to do is not only morally wrong, but illegal as well. This is why they have put the risk and legal burden on others.

Why would the Australian government would betray it’s citizens sovereignty in such an intrinsic way? Perhaps the answer lies in allegedly leaked Pfizer contracts.

In October, Public Citizen wrote:

In February, Pfizer was accused of “bullying” governments in COVID vaccine negotiations in a groundbreaking story by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.[1] A government official at the time noted, “Five years in the future when these confidentiality agreements are over you will learn what really happened in these negotiations.”[2]

Public Citizen has identified several unredacted Pfizer contracts that describe the outcome of these negotiations. The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century. We describe six examples from around the world below.[3]

Identified examples are:

  1. Pfizer reserves the right to silence governments.
  2. Pfizer controls donations.
  3. Pfizer secured an “IP waiver” for itself.
  4. Private arbitrators, not public courts decide disputes in secret.
  5. Pfizer can go after state assets.
  6. Pfizer calls the shots on key decisions.

(emphasis added)

These examples (redacted and unredacted) are allegedly leaked contracts.

Not only is it unconscionable for any person: government minister, other senior public servants, employers, business owners etc, to coerce anybody into participate in these big pharma human trials, but in direct contravention of our inalienable human rights. They stand above all else so long as we have the heart and courage to stand for them, rather than relinquish them out of fear, or ambition.

Given Pfizer’s extensive and ongoing criminal acts, any contract with them must surely be contestable, if not invalid. It is a mystery why it is still operating and it’s CEOs are not doing consecutive life prison sentences – let alone why they appear to have been granted a “license to kill”, by governments and ngo’s globally.