Mask Madness

Just 2 days before the statewide state of emergency was to be lifted, and right on Easter, our Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk and CHO, Jeanette Young hit the Covid panic button again. On the “strength” of 6 new “cases”, once again they threw the businesses and livelihoods of Queenslanders under a bus. Here is the latest diktat:

Information on how these cases were identified is very sketchy, perhaps enforced Covid19 PCR testing? Why is the CHO either not aware of the Portuguese court of appeal decision that found “the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful, or ignoring it? Why is this question not being asked by “trusted” and “traditional” media.

Speaking to Star 102.7 on Monday, state member for Cairns Michael Healy originally stated that Cairns would not be subject to “mandatory” mask wearing recommendations from the CHO, Jeanette Young, and only those who had been in Brisbane recently would be expected to comply.

(Yes, cats transmitting covid19 is a thing according to some.)

However, they later reported, “(he) has called back with some late changes to clarifications regarding wearing face masks in Cairns. Healy did explain that some medical conditions confer and exemption from this “recommendation”. Queensland Health recommendation above, confirms this.

These exceptions include (not exhaustive list):

* children under 12

* a person eating, drinking or taking medicine

* where visibility of the mouth is essential – for example, a person communicating to someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, a teacher or live broadcasting

* a person with a particular medical condition or disability that may be made worse by wearing a mask – for example, a person who has breathing difficulties, a serious skin condition on their face, a mental health condition or psychological impacts from experienced trauma

* if a person is asked to remove a face mask for identity

* if wearing a mask creates a risk to a person’s health and safety

in any circumstances where it is not safe to wear a face mask

Apparently some employers are bullying employees who have a medical exemption. This is in contravention of the Queensland Health directive.

If a service provider, school or employer asks for a medical certificate to confirm you have a lawful medical reason for not wearing a mask before entering their premises, this may amount to unlawful discrimination.

Michael Healy talks to Star 102.7 to reverse his earlier statement that Cairns residents were not required to wear masks unless they had recently returned from Brisbane.

Are Mr. Healy and Ms. Young aware of the many studies*, and expert opinions denouncing mask wearing as not only ineffective for preventing Covid19, or any other coronavirus, but also the danger of bacterial pneumonia (due to bacteria building up behind it and constantly being inhaled by the wearer?

Or the expert opinion of German neurologist, Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson**?

The reinhalation of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen – they cannot survive.

The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of reaction time – reactions of the cognitive system.

However, when you have chronic oxygen deprivation, all of those symptoms disappear, because you get used to it. But your efficiency will remain impaired and the under-supply of oxygen in your brain continues to progress.

We know that neurodegenerative diseases take years to decades to develop. If today you forget your phone number, the breakdown in your brain would have already started 20 or 30 years ago.

While you’re thinking that you have gotten used to wearing your mask and rebreathing your own exhaled air, the degenerative processes in your brain are getting amplified as your oxygen deprivation continues.

The second problem is that the nerve cells in your brain are unable to divide themselves normally. So in case our governments will generously allow as to get rid of the masks and go back to breathing oxygen freely again in a few months, the lost nerve cells will no longer be regenerated. What is gone is gone.

Queenslanders deserve to know why the Chief Health Officer and our state member feel these harms can be disregarded because of Covid19 “cases” (those PCR tests again), without proving it is justified, or explaining why the Portuguese case is not valid.

Activists gathered outside parliament on Tuesday, to present an open letter to the premier regarding the misguided policy around Covid19. The policies have effectively driven a wrecking ball not only through the Queensland economy, but the lives of Queenslanders too.

We have a right to expect transparency in government decision making. Our representatives and public servants must acknowledge and consider all expert opinion, and participate in open public discussion.

Activist reads open letter to premier. Video by Triccy Triddy on Facebook.

Dr. Ryan Cole, a dermatopathologist*** in Idaho recently gave a presentation explaining how essential vitamin D is to maintaining an optimal immune system. Vitamin D is free from the sun, something we have no shortage of in Queensland. UV light (also free from the sun) kills viruses so why would any “medical expert” ever advocate locking people in their homes OUT of the sun and fresh air? Possible criminal malfeasance?

Dr. Ryan Cole discusses Covid19 and treatments.

Most people trust their government representatives not to embark on purposely damaging policies. Clearly, the Covid19 policies have caused and continue to cause numerous harms to the community, whether they are justified is yet to be seen.

If our media, politicians, and senior public servants ignore dissenting expert opinion, they cannot claim to be “following the science”. Increasingly, it is looking like the only way to get then to acknowledge such evidence is in a courtroom.

* Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity.

** See our resources here for links to four studies.

*** A dermatopathologist is an expert in diagnosing and monitoring diseases of the skin including infectious, immunologic, degenerative, and neoplastic diseases.