Important: Exemption From Wearing Face Masks

By: Janey B.

Perhaps determined not to let Christmas go by without making their authoritarian presence felt, the Queensland government introduced new nonsensical mask “directions” on 23 December. Nonsensical because of the selective nature that, in itself, contradicts the purported “health” motive.

We wrote about the malfeasance of mask mandates earlier this year including expert studies and opinions warning that not only do masks offer no protection, but in fact are severely detrimental to health, especially, young developing brains.

Source: Reclaim The Line (Telegram) [19/10/2021]

The Brownstone Institute recently published an article on mask ineffectiveness and harms referencing as evidence, 150 comparative studies. It is clear their is no health benefit from wearing masks, and many detriments so government mandates are “misguided” at best and outright criminal misconduct, at worst. That is probably why they are not actually law, and the government include exemptions, notably:

Public Health Face Mask Requirements Direction (No. 3)


7. A person is exempt from the requirement to wear a face mask under paragraph 5 if the person:

b: is a person who has a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability, which makes wearing a face mask unsuitable; or

Examples – persons who have obstructed breathing, a serious skin condition on their face, an intellectual disability, a mental health illness, or who have experienced trauma.

o: if doing so is not safe in all the circumstances.


I would posit these exemptions apply to everybody. Every human being has a “physical condition” i.e. being a biological life form that requires an adequate oxygen supply to maintain optimal health, “which makes wearing a face mask unsuitable”, and “doing so is not safe in all the circumstances”.

According to the Queensland government website:

Queensland Police Service and Australian Federal Police officers may take action if a person refuses to wear a face mask without a lawful reason. A person may be given a move-on direction to not board a flight or to leave the airport for up to a 24 hour period. If someone refuses a police direction to wear a mask, police officers can issue an on-the-spot fine of $206, an infringement notice, or a notice to appear in court. (emphasis added)

Evidence strongly suggests everybody has a “lawful reason” to refuse to wear a face mask, and those with exemptions are not required to present them for inspection either. Below are two recent anecdotes that you may find instructive or encouraging.

Once upon a Christmas Eve, a woman was doing some last minute shopping at the local shopping mall. Despite mask diktats, the woman was maskless, recognising that masks were extremely detrimental to health and that government diktats were, in fact. nonsense. She had stopped to exchange seasonal tidings with other free thinkers when the group was approached by two police officers.

“Do you have an exemption not to wear a mask”, asked one of the officers.

The woman smilied, drew a Ventolin inhaler out of her handbag, and waved it at the officer.

“Oh. No. I don’t need to SEE it”. The officer said.

The woman smiled at the police officers, wished them both a merry Christmas, and continued on her way.

Recently in a Qld shopping mall…

A young couple go into a large supermarket to do some grocery shopping. They are accosted by an officious employee who demanded to know why they were not masked.

The young woman, told the employee she was exempt but did not have any paperwork with her. Eager for an opportunity to exert some authority, the employee told the woman the couple would have to leave the store. The woman proceeded to explain that she had spoken to a police officer in the centre and they had accepted her advice that she was exempt.

The employee stood his ground and said the couple would need to leave the store, so the young woman asked to speak to the store manager. The employee took her to the customer service desk and told another employee that the young woman wished to speak to the manager. The service desk attendant said the manager had just left and enquired what the issue was.

Employee: This woman doesn’t have a mask on. She says she is exempt, but doesn’t have her exemption with her and won’t leave the store.

Service Desk Attendant: No. Stop, you can’t do this, we’re not allowed to ask that. (To the woman) I’m very sorry about this, please excuse the inconvenience…

The first employee stalked off looking very disgruntled, and the young couple continued their shopping.

Moral: Stand your ground. Do not comply, to “do the right thing”. It is our moral duty to ignore harmful directives or laws, if it comes to that. We are protected from criminal governments (and entitled elites) by human rights law, and we must uphold it, for our children and future generations.