HumanKind: Be Both

This was shared on Telegram by: Kaze Unfortunately, we don’t know who the author is, but we are publishing here because we think it is an important reminder to all of us.

The unvaccinated are scared.
They’re not inconsiderate monsters who thought “I’m going to try to screw over the rest of the people and not get my vaccine.”
They’re worried about long term side affects.
They’re worried about their immune systems.
They’re afraid of how much the government is stepping in on their personal choices, freedoms and rights.
They’re scared they might end up with Bells Palsy, myocarditis, shingles, blood clots, a miscarriage, a heart attack, heart palpitations, profuse unending vomiting, an autoimmune disease activation or death.
They’re worried they might never see their international families again.
It would be easier to get the shot.
It would be nice to win a million dollars or get paid $100.
But they’re too scared to do so.
It isn’t easy to say no to the shot.
While you may not agree with them, it’s important to understand WHY these people have made their choice.
You may think they’re wrong, but I’m sure you’ve felt scared and afraid before.
It feels terrible.
We need to have compassion and empathy for people making a hard choice that’s different than yours
This is NOT the time to turn on each other.
It is never the time to do that.
Stop the divide.
Come together with compassion, empathy, understanding, patience and forgiveness.
Take a moment to listen without judgement.
Take time to see where the others are coming from.
Everyone is doing their best.
Lashing out and placing blame will only make things worse.
Shaming is not the way to change someone’s mind.
Understanding why and having compassion is our only choice.
Choose kindness, always
HumanKind. Be Both.