Government Policy is Disrupting Your Life, Not Covid19

In an interesting (but welcome) recent decision, a US court in Ohio, found an insurance company was liable for business losses, despite having a specific clause exempting them from claims arising from “micro-organisms”.

The case is discussed here.

HUGE Decision: Insurance Ordered to Cover Covid Business Interruption – Lawyer Explains WHY

How many times have we heard that draconian measures impacting our lives are because “of Covid”? Even here in FNQ, where there is NO tangible evidence of covid19, policy continues to impact (albeit in small ways for now), on our human rights. At Cairns Airport there is a “mask mandate” in place, despite the large body of expert studies that mask wearing can do harm e.g. causing bacterial pneumonia, whilst providing no protection from Covid19 or any other virus. (Links to international studies can be found here.)

Perhaps here in FNQ, we are more “relaxed and comfortable” than other places. Even so, events in Melbourne e.g. lockdowns again, in the middle of summer because of “cases”. Further, just a quick look at what is happening globally, but especially in the UK, US and Canada should be concerning, as this is inevitably coming to our town if this fraud is allowed to continue.

PCR testing does not determine whether a person has Covid19

Experts have demonstrated how the PCR test cannot and does not determine whether or not a person has Covid19. In the following video Dr. Sam Bailey explains why the PCR test is not fit for purpose.

Behind the Covid19 PCR Curtain – Dr Sam Bailey

In Portugal, an appeals court found that the PCR tests are “unreliable” and “any enforced quarantine” was unlawful. At the end of January this year German/US barrister, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, lodged a cease and desist order against Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten. He claims:

You are personally responsible for this harm because, as one of the individuals who intervened significantly and decisively in the policy deliberations, you stated facts which you knew to be false and still continue to do so, and, also intentionally, you concealed, and continue to conceal significant facts. In the name of and on behalf of our client, we claim that you should rectify your erroneous contribution to policy advice in connection with the COVID-19 crisis and compensate our client for the harm he has already suffered.

Has the SarsCov2 virus been isolated?

Most people would be surprised to know, that the “novel coronavirus SarsCov2” which we are told causes the disease “Covid19”, has never been isolated.

Many others have come to the same conclusion, and if that isn’t proof enough, nobody has yet claimed the prize for proving it exists. Very strange, and it does make you wonder how a vaccine, in the traditional sense of the term, can be developed without a gold standard isolate of the virus.

Are the numerous human rights abuses justified?

Even if SarsCov2 does exist, is it’s virulence sufficient to justify Covid19 policy that has destroyed businesses and lives globally? As well as the Portugese case (above), a German court in Weimar recently found lockdowns, and other Covid19 health measures to be “unconstitutional”.

Human rights abuses have been catalogued in the CV Pandemic Investigation, I highly recommend this document. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is also pursing a lawsuit for “crimes against humanity”, because of the numerous harms caused because of Covid19 policy.

Crimes Against Humanity – Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Traditional media sources refuse to acknowledge most, if not all, of these developments. Instead, they choose to promote the fear campaign whilst odiously smearing independent journalists, and dissenting experts. It is not surprising many citizens have trustingly gone along with policies dictated by federal and state chief health/medical officers.

Perhaps it will take law suits or similar, against public servants formulating this policy, to get dissenting expert studies into the public forum. How else can the public make informed opinions when debate is censored? It does seem erroneous indeed to blame a virus for our woes, when the culprit is much nearer at hand.