Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow

By: Janey B.

People were outraged when it emerged that Dr. Anthony Fauci was involved in horrific experiments using beagle puppies. Some involved incapacitating the animals as they were “eaten alive by sandlflies”.

“Puppy-gate” reminded me of a piece by James Corbett, detailing other equally sadistic experiments to induce “learned helplessness”, using dogs as subjects. (Learned helplessness techniques were later incorporated into CIA torture programs, with dubious results.)

The first group of dogs were placed in a “shuttle box” where they could escape the electric shocks by jumping over a small barrier. These dogs soon learned that crossing the barrier protected them from the shocks and (as you would expect) crossed the barrier more and more quickly each time the experiment was performed until they could escape the shocks altogether.

The second group of dogs were placed in what Seligman described as a “Pavlovian hammock” from which they could not escape the shocks however much they struggled. This set of dogs reacted completely differently from the control group when placed in the shuttle box. Fully two-thirds of this group did not even try to escape the shocks and thus never discovered that they could avoid them altogether by crossing the barrier. They simply lay down, whining, until the shocks ceased.

The lesson of this experiment is seemingly straightforward: “By our hypothesis, the dog does not try to escape because he expects that no instrumental response will produce shock termination.” In other words, if you want to induce complete helplessness in a dog, condition them to believe that nothing they do will make any difference.

Corbett then goes on to explain how elections are themselves a ritual of learned helplessness that ensures nothing significant ever changes, and the elites’ agenda continues unabated.

As you know by now, the 2D political chess game that is used to distract the public does absolutely nothing to change the real political agenda that is set by the 3D chess masters. And just as every child eventually discovers that their toy driving wheel doesn’t actually control the car, so, too, do even the most devoted statists eventually begin to realize that their ballot in the voting box every four years does nothing to prevent the globalist agenda from playing out like an unstoppable nightmare.

This realization is demoralizing. That is the entire point. The message of the political system that we have grown up with our whole lives is: “Throw the bums out every four years if you like. It doesn’t matter! It changes nothing! You have no effect on the system.”

Unfortunately, all too often the victims of this conditioning merely internalize this message and stop there. These are the people who spend their time in online fora and comment sections preaching that nothing will ever change, shooting down every idea or alternative that is ever proposed. Although critical examination of ideas is always important, the victims of learned helplessness fail to realize that they have been locked inside a mental prison by their erstwhile masters.
(Emphasis added)

Certainly that is what the dark lords of Davos, the elite billionaires club, aka the World Economic Forum (WEF), are counting on to pull off their fascist coup against humanity, the Great Reset.

Explaining The Great Reset to Conspiracy Beginners | Del Bigtree and James Corbett

I wrote recently how the entitled oligarchy feel justified in rendering (by their own estimates) at least 50% of the human workforce obsolete. Covid19 and Covid19 policy enacted by WEF affiliated governments (including Australia) is a convenient, and likely contrived catalyst for the introduction of humanitydisplacing automation and technology (as if we haven’t suffered enough or lost enough, over the last 22 months).

State CHO/CMOs (apparently, drunk on hubris) now require citizens to endure being jabbed with the (potentially deadly) experimental jabs in order to retain and/or regain limited human rights. The onus is being transferred to employers, businesses and service providers (public and private) to enforce this regime by refusing to allow the “unvaccinated” access to employment, goods and/or services. In other words, apartheid.

This has caused understandable consternation amongst teachers, nurses, paramedics, police and other concerned citizens being coerced (by threat of economic sanction) to submit to a medical experiment. An experiment that is arguably unnecessary, and patently unsafe. Citizens are forming their own action groups on Telegram, and collectively seeking legal and other solutions. Having received no support from the ACTU or any other legacy union, workers are abandoning them in favour of the Red Union Support Hub, much to the chagrin of ACTU secretary, Sally McManus.

Adding insult to injury, key proponents of these authoritarian diktats appear unhindered by them themselves. These megalomaniacs still travel, work, socialise and play just as they always have, whilst pathologically (and somewhat smugly), preaching a morphing mantra of guilt, vaccines and endless boosters, for the ‘serfs’.

But the serfs are fighting back. In September, New South Wales police officer, Belinda Hocroft decided to challenge the government mandate.

Senior Constable Belinda Hocroft, who is attached to the Dog and Mounted Police unit, has filed civil proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW against the health minister seeking a declaration that the government does not have the power to pass orders which essentially coerce people into being vaccinated.

Ms Hocroft’s legal team says the lawsuit, “specifically challenges the extent to which the Government may coerce its citizens to have themselves injected with a drug they object to taking, especially when there is a less intrusive alternative of having the unvaccinated citizens tested to ensure that they are not carrying the virus.”

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard Credit: NCA NewsWire / Nikki Short

However, before the case could be heard, it was “dismissed by consent”, on 15 September 2021. Is the minister unable to defend these mandates? It would seem he is not keen to do so. Indeed, according to the Federal Attorney-General’s Department website:

Attorney-General’s Department | Australian Government

According to the Spectator:

For example, support for the inalienability of “non-derogable rights” is provided by the Siracusa Principles on the Limitation and Derogation Provisions in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (‘Siracusa Principles’). A document produced by the American Association for the International Commission of Jurists, the Siracusa Principles, explicitly stated that

No state party shall, even in time of emergency threatening the life of the nation, derogate from the Covenant’s guarantees of the right to life; freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and from medical or scientific experimentation without free consent; freedom from slavery or involuntary servitude … the right to recognition as a person before the law; and freedom of thought, conscience and religion. These rights are not derogable under any conditions even for the asserted purpose of preserving the life of the nation.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has also explicitly emphasised that this restriction “underlines the great importance of non-derogable rights” in countries such as Australia.

The fundamental importance of protecting these non-derogable rights is affirmed by international and national courts. For example, in Kokkinakis v Greece (1993), the European Court of Human Rights held that “freedom of thought, conscience and religion is one of the foundations of a ‘democratic society’ … The pluralism indissociable from a democratic society … depends on it’.”

Also in September, Craig Kelly, former LNP MP, now independent, and his solicitor, Tony Nikolic from AFL Solicitors offered the following advice:

Your employer or school principal might think the gov is forcing them but they are not, what is the Gov going to do if the principal says no? nothing as any vaccine mandate is unlawful, so they need to calm down too.
Your best way to get community support is to educate your students and parents of the dangers of the vaccinations.
Stop supporting unlawful restrictions on your constitutionally protected liberties in your workplace and classrooms, find out the actual facts and stop spreading covid propaganda.

Another interesting item, was a post shared by Cops for Covid Truth, on their Telegram channel.

It is apparent from the above circumstantial evidence the government do not want a human rights challenge based on non-derogable rights ever being decided in court. It is, therefore, clearly the way forward for legal challenges, both individual and class actions. Belinda Hocroft was clearly paid off by the government, else why settle?

This is also welcome news for anybody being threatened with dismissal from their position, who should they pursue a similar course, may well achieve a similar result. The financial burden reversed.

The post from the former NSW police officer is instructive. No one need be intimidated by the threat of fines, if this information is valid. Any fines issued can be contested on the very same grounds. The same applies to any private business, service, or organisation that attempts to enforce these illegal mandates.

Such businesses etc. should be cautious before enforcing these diktats, as they may well find themselves on the wrong end of an expensive lawsuit.

This is a simple action that any individual can pursue. Contact Legal Aid in you state if funding is an issue, or perhaps contact any groups you belong too and ask if they can assist you.

We are happy to assist anyone with further information, where we can if it is required.

Edit: Monday 8 November 2021

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