Dr. Michael Yeadon Explains the Psychosis behind the Genocide Agenda

By: Dr. Michael Yeadon

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Those who’ve not yet watched Neil Oliver’s monologue on GB News last night is highly recommended to do so.

Here’s a comment I wrote below the line. The conclusion of which is that there’s no new health threat & there hasn’t ever been one.


Neil Oliver is a smart man. The devastating conclusion he draws isn’t being spread around the way it deserves to be.


They were a cross section of society, young & old. This was supposedly at the height of a lethal pandemic stalking the land. No masks. Partying. Drinking. Dancing. Being close & laughing. No fear.

Not in Downing Street not in national newspaper offices.

What could possibly account for that???

The only answer that makes any sense is that there wasn’t anything to be scared of.

We’ve seen this repeatedly. I don’t mean defiance. I’m not referring to people who decided to keep calm & carry on.

I mean leaders of nations, of global institutions. They’re the ones closest to the real information about the virus.

None of them are afraid when filmed secretly together, maskless. Even the Queen wasn’t afraid. Despite being vulnerable by virtue of great age, she mixed freely with people who’d flown in from all around the world.

All of those at the top, privy to the best information & the best minds of science & Medicine, when unobserved, exhibit no fear whatsoever.

The only reasonable conclusion is there’s nothing to be scared of.

Because I am an experienced life scientist, I can explain how it was that lots of positive “covid19 PCR tests” can be had (poor tests & excessive amplification); explain that tens of thousands of people died of ‘flu-like illnesses (there are scores if not hundreds of respiratory viruses, many of which cause symptoms & illnesses indistinguishable from this “covid19”).

And with that, the entire puzzle is solved.

The evidence is strong that there is no new virus called SARS-CoV-2, which allegedly causes a new illness called covid19.

Or, if there is, it’s no different in its threat to health & life than very many other respiratory viruses.

I can’t distinguish between these two possibilities, not with certainty. It doesn’t really matter.

The key, and I do say this with very high confidence: there was NOT at Christmas 2020, nor now, a NEW & GREATER RISK to health & life than usual.

Those people knew that & so enjoyed their parties.

Dr. Michael Yeadon

Obviously, it’s completely inappropriate that the entire world be turned upside down, modern civilisation be destroyed, that mass vaccination with rushed, new technology, gene-based agents be forced upon the entire population of the world, given there’s no new health threat.

So now you’ve really got to ask the question you really don’t want to ask. You don’t want to ask it because, in your heart, you do know the answers already.

The question is something like “If there’s no new health threat, why are almost all the governments of the world lying to the people & telling them there is?” And

“How can they be ok with the destruction of the economy & civil society?”

“These vaccines, there are so many adverse reactions, how can they be ok with all this?”

I can’t speak for those in the middle, the ones working for our leaders. I genuinely don’t know how they square this all with their consciences.

But the leaders themselves, I do know why.

They see themselves as titans of historical & necessary transformation. They have been persuaded of a narrative so seductive that I might have fallen for it myself until a few years ago.

It’s this. There are too many people burning too much fossil fuel. We’re irreversibly heating up the planet. We’ve tried for decades and 26 international COP meetings to achieve consensus by democratic means to reduce our uses of non renewable resources. Firm action is needed to turn humanity from it’s inevitably destructive path. We’ve been chosen to enact this necessary, non democratic transformation.

It’s an awful thing we’ve to do.

It’s the most important thing any of us will ever do. And that’s why we’ve not to breathe a word of this to the general public.

They mustn’t know, because obviously they’d object. And who could blame them?

So we’ve to keep going, accomplish the Great Reset. After it’s all done, normal democratic processes will be resumed. That makes it all ok. It’s just temporary. The vaccination part, well, we’ve got to make sure that every person has a digital ID & that’s because that’s the tool needed to put in place restrictions on travel, on all things that consume fossil fuels & cause global warming.

After a few years, we’ll all be used to the New Normal. And it’s all necessary to make the world a better place”.

I think that’s pretty much what the actors that aren’t the uppermost leadership have been told & in addition to appealing to people’s better nature, they’ve probably been incentivised with huge amounts of money. They’ve also been told if any of them divulge any of this, they’re out & no money. Further, hints of severe punishment.

I think that just about makes it work.

Remember also that just as Mattias Desmet says, around 30% of people truly are victims of a mass psychosis & genuinely believe the nonsense.

The number of people who can pull together all the pieces, only to find that the most stable configuration of facts & observations is something along the lines I’ve written isn’t many.

Add to that the fact that in liberal democracies, while we know there’s the odd bit of corruption at the margins & we know that politicians are self-serving.

But it simply refuses to dawn on most people that our democratic leaders would do any of the things I’ve suggested. Even faced with the evidence that they are doing them, they find ANY other explanation preferred.

So, I’ll stop there, but only after pointing out one truly horrible observation.

All the steps necessary to bring about this Brave New Greener World, with its centrepiece of a totalitarian control system, are identical, whether you plan to resume something approaching normality afterwards or if your intent is much, much darker.

Best wishes


Dr Mike Yeadon

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