Dr. Michael Yeadon Explains the Psychosis behind the Genocide Agenda

I think that’s pretty much what the actors that aren’t the uppermost leadership have been told & in addition to appealing to people’s better nature, they’ve probably been incentivised with huge amounts of money. They’ve also been told if any of them divulge any of this, they’re out & no money. Further, hints of severe punishment.

I think that just about makes it work.

Remember also that just as Mattias Desmet says, around 30% of people truly are victims of a mass psychosis & genuinely believe the nonsense.

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Dr. Michael Yeadon: NO ONE Has Primacy Over Your Right to Bodily Autonomy

As in Germany, discrimination here is the thing, sorting people into Good & Bad categories. This ready adaptation to living in a world of ghastly wrongness is disturbing. But it’s the absence of responses to truly awful things, such as people being dragged away, the tops of their shoes bouncing off the cobbles, it all being “Fur Seine Sicherheit” (for your safety), that gave rise to the expression, “The banality of evil”.

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Universal Human Rights: Our Most Sacred Trust

Almost two years of dedicated hard work and delicate negotiation finally paid of when, at midnight on December 10, the United Nations general assembly voted to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). For the first time in human history, world leaders had agreed in principle, to a fundamental standard of rights for everybody and most importantly, whether they are rich or poor.

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Warning to Queensland Business: Caveat Emptor!

Hocroft’s case was “settled by mutual consent” i.e. the government paid her off. Clearly not a case they felt confident winning. Employers should note at this point, they have no indemnity from legal action. It would be prudent for employers considering risking implementing these mandates, to seek good legal advice first. Businesses already suffering hardship from lockdowns, scarcely need that financial burden.

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