At the Gates of Berlin

By: Robin Monotti

The Brandenberg Gate

Fellow people of the world, residents of Great Britain.

Victory is at hand, yet the final battle still needs to be won.

We are now, WW2 metaphorically speaking, at the gates of Berlin. We can see the Reichstag’s dome in the distance.

In this last stretch, we need to pool together and put pressure on all the healthcare workers to put pressure on their healthcare structures to stop the injections.

A lot of them will oppose this because they are profiting from it. We need to present them with the evidence of the criminal investigation you can find on this channel.

When the other side will realise we are serious about this, they will pull the entire injection program themselves to save face from us getting the final victory. They are already making preparations, they are drawing up their exit plan, their unconditional surrender. We need to provide them with the metaphorical pen to sign the surrender with. That pen is called pressure on the injection centres.

Remain polite, do not resort to intimidation or raising your voice, stand firm, and deliver your notices of criminal proceedings. Do not resort to violence in any shape or form.

We are metaphorically about to enter Berlin. Once we capture the Reichstag, the entire people of the world, excluding the billionaires and the politicians, will be grateful to us all.

Let’s show them that Brexit was just the beginning of divesting from oligarchic interests, and let’s write in the history books that the common people of Great Britain won the battle that turned the world war of the technocratic oligarchy against the people of this planet.

Let’s win this battle against their murderous pseudoscience.

Let’s show them what we’ve got: the solidarity between all of us, the veterans, the good doctors, the good scientists, the common men, women and children of every colour and religion, of every ideology, that once we are united there is no stopping us.

To the Reichstag now!

Source: Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar

Telegram Channel Date: 19/1/22