Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination

In October 2020, the US National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC)

held the Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination, which was broadcast online.

The goal of NVIC’s 2020 Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination: Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century conference is to provide high quality information and perspective about how industry, medical trade, academia and government impact the advancement of vaccine science, policy, law and ethics within the context of emerging medical research, and how suppression of independent scientific inquiry, censorship of rational criticism and erosion of informed consent rights threaten health and human rights. This conference celebrates freedom of thought, speech, conscience and the human right to autonomy and informed consent to medical risk taking.

This is an excellent resource with presentations covering various aspects of vaccinations, including those pertinent to Covid19.

Here are some highlights:


Professor Dolores Cahill – Immune System, Viral Interference and Adverse Events

Dr Jacob M. Puliyal – Redefining Vaccine Reactions to Erase Evidence of Harm

Dr Meryl Nass – From Anthrax to Covid19: What you need to know about one company making the coronavirus vaccine

Stephanie Christner, DO – The Disappearing Medical Exemption Handcuffs Doctors and Increases Vaccine Risks

So, if you have some free time, do view these videos and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.